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Changes in 2.712 from 2.711
Peter Marschall peterDOTmarschallATmaynDOTde updated the German translation, and refactored many gettext() calls into gettexta()s to enable grammatically better translations.

NOTE: This means that other translations will need to be revised to match the new gettext() input messages. I'll happily accept patches, or better yet, appoint a foreign-language-translation maintainer and give them CVS write access to the CVS tree on sourceforge.

Fixed an "argument not numeric" bug in the mirrorServer code.
Disabled the dbm-based search index, replacing it with a linearly-scanned file ("search.offset"). I did so because the perl-dbm installation on sourceforge is quite broken, and perhaps it is at your site, too. This change makes for slower searches, since every search will have to scan the offset file as many times as there are words in the query, and the offsets file can be quite large. The tradeoff is that searching should be at least robust for every installation.

If DBM-based search indexing works at your site, feel free to turn it back on when you upgrade with the new $useDBMSearch knob on the Define Configuration Parameters page. The old code is still there, switched on that configuration setting.

The search page has a slightly different layout now, to make it more clear to users that "search by keyword" and "search for recent changes" are distinct forms with unrelated functions.
Andrew W. Nosenko sent a patch. He writes:
 This patch allow maintenance cron task be not confused by HTTP response
 302 "Moved Temporarily".  Obtaining of response 302 is the normal and
 widely occurred case when HTTP-server is "Russian Apache" (Apache
 patched for support of bunch of Cyrillic encodings).

Fix typo in German language translation. Thanks to Stefan Stidl <sti@ims.at>.
Fix statsgraph.pm so it works with both the old GD module (using gif images) and newer versions (using png images). (Ask Bjoern Hansen [ask@develooper.com])
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