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Manipulating Answers and Categories
[Edit Answer/Category Title and Options] lets you change these features of an item:

- Title: This should be terse, since often the titles of a chain of items are displayed together. Save your verbose description for the plain text describing the item in its parent's directory.

- New Order for Parts: rearrange the numbers in the box, and the corresponding parts (numbered from zero; sorry) will be rearranged in the item.

- Show attributions together at bottom: this reduces the clutter of the page, especially when it was composed by only one author in the first place.

[Move Answer]/[Move Category] shows a list of target categories. Simply click on the name of another category to make this item a child of that. Some categories are not shown; for example, you can not move a category to one of its subcategories.

[Trash Answer] is the same as using [Move Answer] to move an item to the (Xref) Trash.

If the current item is a category (it will have a differently-colored part with a directory of sub-items), you will have these options:
[New Answer] creates a new item and installs it as a child of this item.
[New Subcategory] creates a new child item (just like the above), but also gives the child a directory part, so it is also a category and can contain children of its own.

You can turn an answer into a category (allowing you to add children to it) using the [Convert to Category] link.

You can turn a category into an answer by moving all of its children away, and then clicking its [Convert to Answer] button.

[Append to This Answer]
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