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Changes in 2.601 from 2.506
- Incorporated Hal Wine's patches which factor out character-set-specific functions into Words.pm.

- Made several changes to make faqomatic pass perl's warning (-w), taint (-T), and 'use strict;' tests. (You can put -wT and use strict in your CGI stub if you like.)

- no longer use $SIG{__DIE__} to catch fatal errors; instead, use eval {}. Eval is the right way because you can do it recursively: eval{eval{}}.

- Replaced the 'sticky' Show All Items Below Here Appearance option with an 'unsticky' Show This Entire Category button at the bottom of the page. It seems pretty confusing for the recursive display to follow you around as you navigate.
- Added a SequenceNumber to items that helps reduce the likelihood of a race condition when editing the FAQ. If two people get editing forms, then they both submit them, in the old system, the changes of the first to submit will be silently discarded. With SequenceNumbers, the second person is not allowed to make the change; they must return to the faq page (where they can see what the first person did), get the editing form again, and make their changes.

This actually is most helpful for a silly case where a user clicks 'Remove Text', gets impatient, clicks it again, and ends up removing two items accidentally.

- New administrator's configuration options $cacheDir and $cacheURL tell the FAQ to maintain a cache of the FAQ in a directory accessible directly from the webserver (without CGI). As long as the user is navigating that tree, he is using far fewer server resources. Links to anything but generic copies of the pages (such as the Show This Entire Category or Show Edit Commands links) send the user over to the CGI scripts.
- Clarified text on the authentication page should reduce user confusion.
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