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Changes to 2.715 from 2.714
I have just released faqomatic 2.715. It contains quite a number of little changes; I haven't figured out yet how to get CVS to tell me just about the log entries since the last tagged release. (Anyone know?)

Highlights: The maintenance task now knows how to empty old trash and 'fsck' the tree structure to correct broken files or misconnected files. Be sure to Define Configuration Parameters, so that $trashTime gets initialized; until you do, trash won't get emptied. (Why did I finally do emptyTrash? Because FOM's move takes time linear in the size of the directories involved with a huge time constant, and my trash had gotten REALLY big. :v)

Many annonying perl warnings have been quashed; you should no longer receive annoying missives each Sunday. (If you do, let me know; I'll have to fix them.)

Several patches posted to sourceforge and mailed to me have been incorporated into the tree and hence into this release. They include the long-awaited heuristic fix that makes <blah> *not* a hyperlink but just text in angle brackets.

Don't forget that when you upgrade, you'll need to visit your FAQ's install page, Define Config Parameters, and at least update the version number in the config file.

David Gatwood's patch that finally implements the "Relax Child Perms" permission field. You know, the one that used to be described as "Blah blah"? :v) I took David's patch, and added a suitable description.

FOM moderator mails now have a From: $adminEmail field added, so that they appear to come from the administrator, not 'nobody' or 'apache' or whatever user runs CGIs on your site.

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