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Changes in 2.608 from 2.607
Fixed a bug that kept GET-method forms (such as the search form) from working in Internet Exploder.
Last modified times are now stored in seconds since the Unix epoch, rather than in a text representation, and drawn as text on the fly at HTML rendering time. This makes them usable, for example, when looking for recently modified items. Old item files are automatically updated to the new format; their textual dates are parsed back into seconds-since-epoch.

These times are stored in item files as ASCII integers, so the item format is not inherently limited by the Unix 31-bit Y2038 bug.

The recent search uses the file mod dates as a hint, but now also checks the lastModified date in the file. This way, if the files are all touched for some reason (the web admin moves them, for example), the recent feature is still useful.

The command to regenerate the cached HTML documents also is now careful not to update last modified dates.

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