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How to upgrade your FAQ-O-Matic
To upgrade your FAQ-O-Matic, find the answer in this category that discusses the version of FAQ-O-Matic that you're currently using, and follow those instructions. The instructions are based on ``major events'' in the history of the development of FAQ-O-Matic. That is, you may need to pass through some intermediate versions to get to the most current version, as the current installer does not support upgrading arbitrarily old versions.

The upgrading process is not especially well tested. I usually test upgrading between adjacent versions, and occasionally upgrading from the previous major change in the format of item files or other persistent data. So these directions may not be foolproof.

Always, before you upgrade, TAKE A BACKUP of your FAQ data. That way, you can always get back to operation with the older version you were using.

(Answer) Upgrading from any version 2.400 or later
(Answer) Upgrading from versions 2.3b5 - 2.3b10
(Answer) Upgrading from versions 2.3b2 - 2.3b4
(Answer) Upgrading from versions 2.2 - 2.3b1
(Answer) Upgrading from any version 1
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