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Changes in 2.630 from 2.622
Added a $navigationBlockAtTop admin configuration at Jim Adler's suggestion.
Added an interface to the text commands. Go to the Appearance page, turn on "Show...commands for generating text output," Accept that form, then click either [Show this Category As Text] or [Show This Entire Category As Text].

I would have preferred to simply have a third choice (text, simple HTML, fancy[tables] HTML), but with that option, there would be no way to get a recursive text display (which would be the main use of the text rendering mode). If you chose text mode, there would be no [Show This Entire Category] link (since text pages don't have links). But you can't choose recursive mode first, because it isn't a "sticky" option.

At Vicki Brown (vlb@cfcl.com)'s request, you can set whether tables have width=100% or some other value. This is necessary to get a correct page layout in Netscape when $pageHeader is a graphic with the align=left property.
The configInfo structures inside the install code were rearranged, cleaning up the code a little. (Just documenting this here so if something breaks, we have a suspect.)
A config variable $crontabCommand lets admins specify where the crontab binary is on their system.
Finally got rid of this pesky but benign error message seen during new installations:
 Perl warning: Read on closed filehandle <COOKIEFILE> at Auth.pm line 280.

All appearance options are now checked against a master list of defaults, and those defaults are all now customizable by the FAQ administrator. (THANKS to Hal Wine for suggesting this.)
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