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Changes in 2.632 from 2.631
In uncommon circumstances involving two FOMs on the same host, the installer had a bug that could make the second FOM overwrite the first FOM's cron job with its own. Hal Wine (Hal_WineATwlcmailDOTcom) sent in a patch to fix it. Thanks, Hal.
Fixed a bug in the dependency-tracking code that caused some cached HTML files to remain out of date after acquiring new siblings.
`Slow' pages now work in mod_perl. (I was writing data to a filehandle and never flushing or closing it. A regular CGI flushes the data as the process is torn down; mod_perl CGIs don't get torn down for a long time.)
Fixed a bug in the mirrorClient code. If you mirrored an item with a forward reference to an item you haven't mirrored yet, you used to get an uninitialized value error. Judging by the fact tht no-one complained about this, I wonder if anyone is actually using the mirroring capability?
The potential error in the Group module (a bug in 2.631) is now reported correctly.
Missed some exit() calls in 2.631; so I'm now even more mod_perl compatible. (These only seemed to affect mirror sites.)
John M. Wallace (jwallaceATwebsterDOTdartmouthDOTedu) helped me discover a bug in the bag submit code that was tickled if you tried to update a bag's width and height without sending new data.
Fixed some bugs related to HTTP header generation (and worked around a bug in CGI.pm 2.49) that would cause redirects not to work when running under mod_perl.
When you set a new password, your password is no longer part of the secret URL that is sent to you by email; there was no reason to do that in the first place.
Added a FAQ::OMatic::API module that can be used to programatically manipulate your FAQ from Perl code. A possible use is as part of a procmail filter that squirts incoming mail into new FAQ answers.
The moderator doesn't get mail about his own edits, unless the change is an edit of the moderator options (permissions). Suggested by Bernhard Scholz (scholzATpeanutsDOTorg)
At Jim Adler's suggestion, the item Permissions page has a clearer layout than it had before. Each permission now has an "inherited setting" cell that tells what you'll get if you choose to inherit the property (leave it undefined at this level), and points the category that provides the inherited value.
PermEditItem has been deprecated; when an item is loaded, this permission is split into PermEditTitle and PermEditDirectory.
"Luc VEILLON (ERMES)" (LucDOTVeillonATorleansDOTirdDOTfr) discovered a bug in the groups mechanism:
 1999-03-31-12-49-04 note authenticate 26231 <(noID)> Perl warning:
 Argument "6 cri" isn't numeric in le at
 /opt/softs/perl/lib/site_perl/5.005/FAQ/OMatic/authenticate.pm line 143.
This is fixed in this version.
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