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Changes in 2.635 from 2.634
In my eagerness to untaint $PATH, I made it empty, which prevents the not-fully-pathed 'cp' command in Log.pm from working. $PATH is now set to '/bin' to untaint it. This might be a hack; the right way is probably to explicitly specify *all* paths to external commands using the installer. (The only consequence of this is that the unique hosts statistics count may not have been correctly updated.)
Michael Gerdts (gerdtsATcaeDOTwiscDOTedu) sent a patch to fix a very uncommonly occuring uninitialized value error in maintenance.pm. Thanks, Michael!
Boyd Lynn Gerber (gerberbATzenezDOTcom) reported a "Substitution loop" error occurs in his Perl when I do $text =~ s/^/> /mg to quote some text. So I have replaced that replacement regex with an alternate implementation.
jon * (jonATclearinkDOTcom) reported an uninitialized value bug in Appearance.pm that temporarily prevented him from upgrading from 2.622 to 2.634; it has been corrected in 2.635.
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