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Changes in 2.702 from 2.701
Scott M Parrish suggested a simple change to API::newAnswer: it now returns the filename just created, so that you can create entire hierarchies of answers using the API. Calling newAnswer with the parent argument set to the result of the previous call makes the previous answer into a category (so it can become the parent of the new item).
When you trash an answer or category, you are directed to the old parent of the now-trashed item, rather than the trash category, since very rarely do you care to see what else is in the trash. A consequence is that now there's no way to get to the trash other than typing in a URL, so rescuing items from the trash is a little less obvious now.
`uname -s` call in install.pm changed to mySystem('uname -s'). The previous form produced an 'insecure directory' taint error. Thanks Thomas Hiller (hillerATtu-harburgDOTde).
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