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Changes in 2.705 from 2.704
The default value for PermEditTitle has changed from "Moderator" to "Authenticated Users." An unfortunate consequence of the current set of permissions and the old default was that a freshly-installed FAQ-O-Matic didn't allow anyone but the moderator to complete a "new item" operation. I need to make a better, more consistent set of permissions that reflect the way people administer FAQ-O-Matics, not the path users happen to be routed through the CGI scripts.

WARNING: This is a loosening of a default permission. If you wanted the former behavior, and your item #1 (topmost item) was inheriting the "moderater" setting from the system default, you will need to explicitly change the setting to "Authenticated Users" in the [Edit Category Permissions] page.

Thanks to adamDOTdonahueATnyuDOTedu for bringing this problem to my attention.

Gabor Melis gaborDOTmelisATessnetDOTse sent a patch that makes the maintenance cron job work correctly on sites that do virtual hosting.
Previous versions determined the URL prefix to use when generating linksn by asking CGI.pm, which received its hostname from the web server, which in turn received the hostname from HTTP/1.1 clients. Some broken clients pass bogus or unparseable hostnames; in other cases, a working client passes an abbreviated hostname typed in by a user (rather than a fully-qualified domain name). These broken hostnames would either break the URL parsing code, or they would get embedded as-is into cached HTML, and passed on to other readers, where they didn't work.

This version finally fixes this problem by creating a Config variable that stores a canonical URL. It uses the old dynamic method until you go to the installer and run "Define Configuration Parameters" (which the checkboxes indicate you should do with each upgrade, anyway). At that point, the installer suggests a hostname ($serverBase) and CGI path ($cgiURL) determined dynamicall, but gives you the opportunity to tweak them (in case you accessed the installer using a "http://localhost/" URL as suggested in the README).

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