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Changes in 2.707 from 2.706
"Riesland, Dan (MN10)" (DanDOTRieslandATHBCDOTHoneywellDOTcom) noticed that when the installer fails to install the cron job (which can happen on systems that restrict 'nobody's access to cron) but prints out a command for the admin to paste into another account's crontab, it forgets to store the maintenanceSecret into the config file, so the given command doesn't actually work. ("Bad maintenance secret.") This version writes out the new maintenance secret before attempting to install the new cron job.
I released 2.706 with a new feature sort of disabled (printing [This code is temporarily broken.]), but not quite disabled enough -- that message was appearing when it shouldn't have for many people. Now it's *more disabled* until I get a chance to actually get the feature working. :v)
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