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Changes in 2.709 from 2.708
Joerg Schneider joergsATmailDOTdeubaDOTcom sent a patch that allows the administrator to configure who can access the install pages, as a global permissions setting. (PermInstall; see the permissions on file=1.) Be very careful with this feature: the install page lets you configure paths to executables, and could easily be abused into running arbitrary programs as whatever user runs your CGIs. If you allow members of a group to access the install page, be careful that you also trust whomever is allowed to edit the groups list (PermEditGroups)! For this reason, the system default setting for both PermInstall and PermEditGroups has been set to "Moderator;" if you change the setting, consider yourself warned.
Joerg Schneider joergsATmailDOTdeubaDOTcom sent a patch that adds some German translations, fixes some broken HTML, and uses GET instead of POST for the Define Configuration Parameters page, so that long $pageHeaders can be submitted. (Or you can use the new file= inclusion hack.)
I removed some debug messages that I'd accidentally left lying around.
More German translation enhancements from Joerg, plus a patch to fix a bug on virtual hosts.
Joerg sent another patch that fixes a translation bug. Thanks for all the patches, Joerg!
Joerg found a bug in a really obscure corner of the code, wherein I take a call path that I really shouldn't in modular code. I'm ashamed. I didn't fix it, I hacked around it. I'm even more ashamed. (This is where maintenance.pm calls install::writeConfig; the protocol is that lowercase modules aren't supposed to be callable; shared code should go in an uppercase module so that the author knows it may be called from a variety of environments.)
Steve Taylor staylorATcybernetDOTcom sent a patch that lets you specify an external file to include for your $pageHeader or $pageFooter. This should be handy for those of you who want to put LOTS of HTML in there. (This feature actually went in a couple versions ago, but it didn't become functional until this version.)
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