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Serving as a Moderator
You can volunteer to moderate a section (a category and all of its children) of a FAQ-O-Matic. To do so, find out who the current moderator is (using the [Appearance] page), and ask that person how to volunteer.

As a moderator, your job is to keep your section of the FAQ organized. One way the FAQ-O-Matic helps is by letting you control the permissions settings on the categories you moderate, and perhaps by delegating those categories to other moderators.

All moderator and permission options can be inherited from parent items automatically. So, to configure a section of a Faq-O-Matic, a moderator need only set up the options for the topmost item in the subtree, and ensure that the items below are still set to inherit their Moderator Options from their parents. New items automatically inherit all their Moderator Options.

To keep an eye on a section of the FAQ without visiting the web page frequently, you can tell FAQ-O-Matic to send you mail whenever someone changes your section of the FAQ. To do this, use the [Edit Answer/Category Permissions] button. Then set MailModerator to Yes.
Moderators can determine who can contribute to their section of the FAQ. In the [Edit Category/Answer Permissions] display, there are several permissions that can be assigned.

Be careful not to set PermEditTitle to be more restrictive than PermAddItem. If it is, users will be able to create a new answer or category, but not move on to the stage where they change its name. This is a weakness of the current permissions structure; sorry.

Each permission can be set to one the following settings:

'The moderator' is someone who has authenticated their ID, and it matches the Moderator field.

'Group <name>' is a group of people defined by the administrator.

'Authenticated users' are those who have offered identification and proven that it belongs to them (usually with a password). This ensures that people can't anonymously wreak havoc on your FAQ; they must at least have bothered to get an e-mail address somewhere.

'Users giving their name' are those who have offered identification without proof. This is a good choice for FAQs where encouraging user contributions is more important than the risk of vandalism.

'Inherit' indicates that the permission setting is to be inherited; the inherited setting and where it comes from is displayed in the right column of the table.

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