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How to delete a bag
I want to delete a bag (image or text) from the textwindow AND from the server directory
When you delete a bag, you have to do the following (this has been tested for version 2.717):

-1- remove the specific bag from all referenced text windows:

 Just remove the pseudo-code '<baginline...>' or '<baglink...>'.
-2- go to the installer maintenance window (below 'Other available tasks'):
 => Check for unreferenced bags (not linked by any FAQ item)
This tells you which bags can be removed from the 'bags'-server-directory since the bags shown here are not referenced elsewhere in the FAQ.

For example: this option tells you you can remove the bag 'bagtest'. You then can safely remove the file 'bagtest' and the file 'bagtest.desc' to /tmp/.

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