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Release procedure
Here is what one should do to turn the current CVS tree into a release:
 * Ensure the local tree is up-to-date, and all desired changes are checked-in:
    cvs -nq up -d
 * Modify lib/FAQ/OMatic.pm to contain a fresh release version number. Commit that change (so tags stick correctly).
 * perl Makefile.PL, so that the Makefile is aware of your new version number.
 * 'make dist' from top level. That should build the .tar.gz, and copy it to the htdocs site, and tag the configuration for the release in the CVS tree.
 * Release the file on sourceforge. Log in, Admin, Edit/Release Files, [Add Release]...
 * Update the version number to have a trailing 'd' (so that those using the CVS tree know they're using a non-released version), and commit that change.

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