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In Development
Done a patch, find a bug ? Put it there.
(Category) Translations and text interface
(Answer) Changing the appearance of FOM with HTML and giving the hability to use other codes in the future like XML
(Answer) Formulars
(Category) Tracking errors
(Answer) How to upgrade to GD library greater version 1.3 ?
(Answer) Others projects based on FAQ-O-Matic
(Answer) Using the RCS files for backup/recovery
(Answer) Display last-updated marks on recently modified items.
(Answer) Change the Faq-O-Matic reference to sourceforge.
(Answer) Spellchecker on new answers
(Answer) Are there any projects that use servlets instead of perl for the infrastructure?
(Category) A place to put contributed docs + headers
(Answer) LDAP authentication V2
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