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hello - testing
I am also inserting new text!!
Line one <B>111</B>
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So how about <big>HTML</big> tagging?
Obviously not, grrrrr >:-(
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For clarification the idea is summarized into three points! \par 1)What is Document Server? \par 2) What are the tasks supposed to be done by the system? \par 3)WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO USE IT \par WHAT IS DOCUMENT SERVER? \par ========================== \par Document Server is a web based system which provides a storage for documents of some organization! \par Organization here could be institution,Department,college and any small or big company !! \par The documents stored here could be personal documents or shared documents where almost every body who have acess to the system or website!! \par WHAT SERVICES ARE EXPECTED FROM THE SYSTEM? \par ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- \par This system is expected( and ofcourse does) to serve as a storage to documentation of the user where the documents could be those done us ing this web or also could be uploaded once!! Each permitted user have his own front page where he can use it to customize and access his documents!! \par The system give to the user the following services \par 1)It allows him/her to construct pages for his documents in a user-friendly way- Where the user can use different links of the appearance controls to customize the pages!! \par 2)It also allows to the permitted user of the system to upload files: \par \tab apploading here could be: \par \tab 2.1)To appload text files (could be only their text part) to his own directory or to the common storage directory where \tab common files exists! \par \tab 2.2)To appload bags to his own directory: \par \tab The permitted user is also able to upload images( with limited sizes) to his own directory and can look it posted in the place \tab he posted it!! \par \tab 2.3) \par 3)Searching: It allows the user to search documents(files) in his directory with both according time or their contents \par \tab 3.1)searching by time: Here files are searched according their last modification time: the user is given options(interval of \tab time) and the system lists all the names of files that the user posted (with in the chosen inteval of time)to his directory by \tab forming links to represent them accompanied with last modification time of each retrieved file!! \par \tab 3.2)Searching by content: Here the system gave options to the user to write(sequence of words to be searched ) and after \tab searching the requested one it lists all the files(by forming link to them) having that words and also provides lines of \tab sentences from the files!! \par 4)Appearance controls: \par \tab The user can use the appearance controls to customize his pages \par WHO ARE THE USERS OF THE SYSTEM \par ----------------------------------------------------------------- \par The system is supposed to serve as a storage for documentation in different organizations! \par Departments can use it as a storage for their documents!! also institutions,ministries,colleges and also different companies can use it!! \par \par \par APPEARANCE CONTROLS \par =================== \par This topic tries to explain about the different links used to custamize user pages in user friendly way: \par 1)EXPERT EDITING COMMANDS: \par This is a name all the links in between the texts useto custamize user pages!! \par 1.1)insert text: this are links in used to insert text part at any position with in the file!! \par 1.2)edit text: these are used to edit(modify) a text in a file which is at any position of the file \par 1.3)duplicate text: these are used to make a copy of a text so that the user will have the original text(in case he/she needs it he can find it there) \par 1.4)remove text: these links are used to remove requested text parts from a file \par 1.5)upload bag: this link is used to upload bag(image) at any part or position of the file \par 1.6)upload text: the same as uploading bags but for text part of the uploaded file \par 2)ATTRIBUTION:this option clarifies or give an idea about who contributed to a file!! \par 3)LAST MODIFICATION DATE OR TIME: this option tells about the ast modification date of an item \par 4)NAME OF MODERATOR: actually this is not very interesting in opur case.....but could play a role when used with the common shared files so that who contributed to an item will be known!! \par \par \par USERS GUIDE: \par ============== \par This is a guide to the users of the system! \par 1)Regardin}{\f1\fs20\insrsid3278991 g of}{\f1\fs20\insrsid5787382 having access to the web \par ------------------------------------------------------- \par Since this website is authorized(asks for authontication) the user who want to have access ; should first have to take a secret number from the admnistrator of the system
 (for example if the system is to department then he should have that secret number from the head of the department!!) then after having that secret number the user should have to fill the required registration form!!
\par Then after having that login id and password the user can login to his respective home(page) in another time he loged in!! \par }{\f1\fs20\insrsid1847720 The user is also provided with links to modify his/her password!! \par }{\f1\fs20\insrsid5787382 2)Regarding Searching \par ---------------------------------- \par Any user can use the search link either to search items in his own directory or items with in the shared (or uploaded ) directory which holds common uploaded files!! The user is provided with two options regarding his search ! The user can search by putti ng text input(sequence of words to be searched) or just he is provided with interval of time!!So the user can use one of the options at a time!! \par And after submitting the search form buttons the system will respond : if search items are found then the list of the items with their links will be provided but if there are not items then a response saying that "no items are found" is provided!! \par All in all searching here is either by content or by time!! \par 3)Uploading of files \par uploading of files can be catagorized into the following subcatagories \par 3.1)uploading file to his page \par \tab users are able to upload files to thair page ...their are provided with a form asking what file to upload and the user can \tab browse through the files in the respective pc and the file will be uploaded \par }{\f1\fs20\insrsid1847720 \par 3.2)uploading file to the common page \par }\pard \ql \li0\ri0\nowidctlpar\faauto\rin0\lin0\itap0\pararsid795924 {\f1\fs20\insrsid1847720 Here user can either share his page to the common page or can upload file to the common page }{\f1\fs20\insrsid795924 }{\f1\fs20\insrsid1847720 from any part of the computer!!}{\f1\fs20\insrsid795924 }{\f1\fs20\insrsid1847720 \par }\pard \ql \li0\ri0\nowidctlpar\faauto\rin0\lin0\itap0 {\f1\fs20\insrsid3278991 4)Appearance controls}{\f1\fs20\insrsid795924 \par }{\f1\fs20\insrsid3278991 users are provided with the way to customize their pages!! Users can modify their pages(editing),make copy of their pages(duplicate),insert text at any position in their pages, \par can also remove text parts from their pages(files)!!}{\f1\fs20\insrsid1334211 ,can see who attributed to the respective page or file in the shared documents aned also to see last modification date!!}{\f1\fs20\insrsid3278991 \par }{\f1\fs20\insrsid1334211 But how can the user use these appearance controls? \par }\pard \ql \li0\ri0\nowidctlpar\faauto\rin0\lin0\itap0\pararsid1334211 {\f1\fs20\insrsid1334211 *first he or she skould click the appearance link in his page and then select the \'93show\'94 options \par option after clicking the accept button then the the page will appear having all the appearance links and through thes links the user can customize }{\f1\fs20\insrsid5787382 his page!!}{\f1\fs20\insrsid1334211 \par }{\f1\fs20\insrsid5787382 \par }}
Good Morning, <b>$|firstname|$</b> <input type="text" name="cor" value="$|cgi.cor|$"> <a href="$|cgilua.mkurl("ajuda.html", cgi )|$">Ajuda</a>
(Category) This is a new Category. It's in another category, so it's also a subcategory. How long can the title be? Really Really long like this? or even longer!?
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(Category) Should I watch Matrix Reloaded? Can I add on to this title and how long can it really be???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????eeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhtooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddfdffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
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<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Programming in Lua - contents</TITLE> <LINK REL="stylesheet" TYPE="text/css" HREF="../lua.css"> </HEAD>
<HR> <H1> <A HREF="../home.html"><IMG SRC="../images/logo.gif" ALT="Lua" BORDER=0></A> Programming in Lua </H1>
This is an online version of the book <BLOCKQUOTE> <A HREF="http://www.inf.puc-rio.br/~roberto/book/"> <IMG TITLE="book's cover" SRC="capa.jpg" ALT="" BORDER=1 ALIGN="left" HSPACE=12></A> <A HREF="http://www.inf.puc-rio.br/~roberto/book/"> <font color="gray">Programming in</font> <font color="blue">Lua</font></A> <BR>by Roberto Ierusalimschy <BR>Lua.org, December 2003 <BR>ISBN 85-903798-1-7 <BR CLEAR="all"> </BLOCKQUOTE> <P> Read more about the book <A HREF="http://www.inf.puc-rio.br/~roberto/book/">here</A>. <BR> If you like the online version, please consider buying a paper copy. <A HREF="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/8590379817/theprogrammil-20"> <IMG SRC="http://rcm-images.amazon.com/images/G/01/buttons/buy-from-tan.gif" ALT="[Buy from Amazon]" BORDER=0></A> <P>
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<dl><dt><a name="0" href="p1.html">Preface</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="p1.1" href="p1.1.html"> Audience</a></dt> <dt><a name="p1.2" href="p1.2.html"> Other Resources</a></dt> <dt><a name="p1.3" href="p1.3.html"> A Few Typographical Conventions</a></dt> <dt><a name="p1.4" href="p1.4.html"> About the Book</a></dt> <dt><a name="p1.5" href="p1.5.html"> Acknowledgments</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt>&nbsp;</dt><dt>&nbsp;</dt><dt><a name="P1" href="1.html"><b>Part I. The Language</b></a></dt><dt>&nbsp;</dt> <dt><a name="1" href="1.html">1 Getting Started</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="1.1" href="1.1.html"> 1.1 Chunks</a></dt> <dt><a name="1.2" href="1.2.html"> 1.2 Global Variables</a></dt> <dt><a name="1.3" href="1.3.html"> 1.3 Some Lexical Conventions</a></dt> <dt><a name="1.4" href="1.4.html"> 1.4 The Stand-Alone Interpreter</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="2" href="2.html">2 Types and Values</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="2.1" href="2.1.html"> 2.1 Nil</a></dt> <dt><a name="2.2" href="2.2.html"> 2.2 Booleans</a></dt> <dt><a name="2.3" href="2.3.html"> 2.3 Numbers</a></dt> <dt><a name="2.4" href="2.4.html"> 2.4 Strings</a></dt> <dt><a name="2.5" href="2.5.html"> 2.5 Tables</a></dt> <dt><a name="2.6" href="2.6.html"> 2.6 Functions</a></dt> <dt><a name="2.7" href="2.7.html"> 2.7 Userdata and Threads</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="3" href="3.html">3 Expressions</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="3.1" href="3.1.html"> 3.1 Arithmetic Operators</a></dt> <dt><a name="3.2" href="3.2.html"> 3.2 Relational Operators</a></dt> <dt><a name="3.3" href="3.3.html"> 3.3 Logical Operators</a></dt> <dt><a name="3.4" href="3.4.html"> 3.4 Concatenation</a></dt> <dt><a name="3.5" href="3.5.html"> 3.5 Precedence</a></dt> <dt><a name="3.6" href="3.6.html"> 3.6 Table Constructors</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="4" href="4.html">4 Statements</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="4.1" href="4.1.html"> 4.1 Assignment</a></dt> <dt><a name="4.2" href="4.2.html"> 4.2 Local Variables and Blocks</a></dt> <dt><a name="4.3" href="4.3.html"> 4.3 Control Structures</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="4.3.1" href="4.3.1.html"> 4.3.1 <b>if</b> <b>then</b> <b>else</b></a></dt> <dt><a name="4.3.2" href="4.3.2.html"> 4.3.2 <b>while</b></a></dt> <dt><a name="4.3.3" href="4.3.3.html"> 4.3.3 <b>repeat</b></a></dt> <dt><a name="4.3.4" href="4.3.4.html"> 4.3.4 Numeric <b>for</b></a></dt> <dt><a name="4.3.5" href="4.3.5.html"> 4.3.5 Generic <b>for</b></a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="4.4" href="4.4.html"> 4.4 <b>break</b> and <b>return</b></a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="5" href="5.html">5 Functions</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="5.1" href="5.1.html"> 5.1 Multiple Results</a></dt> <dt><a name="5.2" href="5.2.html"> 5.2 Variable Number of Arguments</a></dt> <dt><a name="5.3" href="5.3.html"> 5.3 Named Arguments</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="6" href="6.html">6 More about Functions</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="6.1" href="6.1.html"> 6.1 Closures</a></dt> <dt><a name="6.2" href="6.2.html"> 6.2 Non-Global Functions</a></dt> <dt><a name="6.3" href="6.3.html"> 6.3 Proper Tail Calls</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="7" href="7.html">7 Iterators and the Generic <b>for</b></a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="7.1" href="7.1.html"> 7.1 Iterators and Closures</a></dt> <dt><a name="7.2" href="7.2.html"> 7.2 The Semantics of the Generic <b>for</b></a></dt> <dt><a name="7.3" href="7.3.html"> 7.3 Stateless Iterators</a></dt> <dt><a name="7.4" href="7.4.html"> 7.4 Iterators with Complex State</a></dt> <dt><a name="7.5" href="7.5.html"> 7.5 True Iterators</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="8" href="8.html">8 Compilation, Execution, and Errors</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="8.1" href="8.1.html"> 8.1 The <code>require</code> Function</a></dt> <dt><a name="8.2" href="8.2.html"> 8.2 C Packages</a></dt> <dt><a name="8.3" href="8.3.html"> 8.3 Errors</a></dt> <dt><a name="8.4" href="8.4.html"> 8.4 Error Handling and Exceptions</a></dt> <dt><a name="8.5" href="8.5.html"> 8.5 Error Messages and Tracebacks</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="9" href="9.html">9 Coroutines</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="9.1" href="9.1.html"> 9.1 Coroutine Basics</a></dt> <dt><a name="9.2" href="9.2.html"> 9.2 Pipes and Filters</a></dt> <dt><a name="9.3" href="9.3.html"> 9.3 Coroutines as Iterators</a></dt> <dt><a name="9.4" href="9.4.html"> 9.4 Non-Preemptive Multithreading</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="10" href="10.html">10 Complete Examples</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="10.1" href="10.1.html"> 10.1 Data Description</a></dt> <dt><a name="10.2" href="10.2.html"> 10.2 Markov Chain Algorithm</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt>&nbsp;</dt><dt>&nbsp;</dt><dt><a name="P2" href="11.html"><b>Part II. Tables and Objects</b></a></dt><dt>&nbsp;</dt> <dt><a name="11" href="11.html">11 Data Structures</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="11.1" href="11.1.html"> 11.1 Arrays</a></dt> <dt><a name="11.2" href="11.2.html"> 11.2 Matrices and Multi-Dimensional Arrays</a></dt> <dt><a name="11.3" href="11.3.html"> 11.3 Linked Lists</a></dt> <dt><a name="11.4" href="11.4.html"> 11.4 Queues and Double Queues</a></dt> <dt><a name="11.5" href="11.5.html"> 11.5 Sets and Bags</a></dt> <dt><a name="11.6" href="11.6.html"> 11.6 String Buffers</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="12" href="12.html">12 Data Files and Persistence</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="12.1" href="12.1.html"> 12.1 Serialization</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="12.1.1" href="12.1.1.html"> 12.1.1 Saving Tables without Cycles</a></dt> <dt><a name="12.1.2" href="12.1.2.html"> 12.1.2 Saving Tables with Cycles</a></dt> </dl></dd> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="13" href="13.html">13 Metatables and Metamethods</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="13.1" href="13.1.html"> 13.1 Arithmetic Metamethods</a></dt> <dt><a name="13.2" href="13.2.html"> 13.2 Relational Metamethods</a></dt> <dt><a name="13.3" href="13.3.html"> 13.3 Library-Defined Metamethods</a></dt> <dt><a name="13.4" href="13.4.html"> 13.4 Table-Access Metamethods</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="13.4.1" href="13.4.1.html"> 13.4.1 The <code>__index</code> Metamethod</a></dt> <dt><a name="13.4.2" href="13.4.2.html"> 13.4.2 The <code>__newindex</code> Metamethod</a></dt> <dt><a name="13.4.3" href="13.4.3.html"> 13.4.3 Tables with Default Values</a></dt> <dt><a name="13.4.4" href="13.4.4.html"> 13.4.4 Tracking Table Accesses</a></dt> <dt><a name="13.4.5" href="13.4.5.html"> 13.4.5 Read-Only Tables</a></dt> </dl></dd> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="14" href="14.html">14 The Environment</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="14.1" href="14.1.html"> 14.1 Accessing Global Variables with Dynamic Names</a></dt> <dt><a name="14.2" href="14.2.html"> 14.2 Declaring Global Variables</a></dt> <dt><a name="14.3" href="14.3.html"> 14.3 Non-Global Environments</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="15" href="15.html">15 Packages</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="15.1" href="15.1.html"> 15.1 The Basic Approach</a></dt> <dt><a name="15.2" href="15.2.html"> 15.2 Privacy</a></dt> <dt><a name="15.3" href="15.3.html"> 15.3 Packages and Files</a></dt> <dt><a name="15.4" href="15.4.html"> 15.4 Using the Global Table</a></dt> <dt><a name="15.5" href="15.5.html"> 15.5 Other Facilities</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="16" href="16.html">16 Object-Oriented Programming</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="16.1" href="16.1.html"> 16.1 Classes</a></dt> <dt><a name="16.2" href="16.2.html"> 16.2 Inheritance</a></dt> <dt><a name="16.3" href="16.3.html"> 16.3 Multiple Inheritance</a></dt> <dt><a name="16.4" href="16.4.html"> 16.4 Privacy</a></dt> <dt><a name="16.5" href="16.5.html"> 16.5 The Single-Method Approach</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="17" href="17.html">17 Weak Tables</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="17.1" href="17.1.html"> 17.1 Memoize Functions</a></dt> <dt><a name="17.2" href="17.2.html"> 17.2 Object Attributes</a></dt> <dt><a name="17.3" href="17.3.html"> 17.3 Revisiting Tables with Default Values</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt>&nbsp;</dt><dt>&nbsp;</dt><dt><a name="P3" href="18.html"><b>Part III. The Standard Libraries</b></a></dt><dt>&nbsp;</dt> <dt><a name="18" href="18.html">18 The Mathematical Library</a></dt> <dt><a name="19" href="19.html">19 The Table Library</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="19.1" href="19.1.html"> 19.1 Array Size</a></dt> <dt><a name="19.2" href="19.2.html"> 19.2 Insert and Remove</a></dt> <dt><a name="19.3" href="19.3.html"> 19.3 Sort</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="20" href="20.html">20 The String Library</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="20.1" href="20.1.html"> 20.1 Pattern-Matching Functions</a></dt> <dt><a name="20.2" href="20.2.html"> 20.2 Patterns</a></dt> <dt><a name="20.3" href="20.3.html"> 20.3 Captures</a></dt> <dt><a name="20.4" href="20.4.html"> 20.4 Tricks of the Trade</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="21" href="21.html">21 The I/O Library</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="21.1" href="21.1.html"> 21.1 The Simple I/O Model</a></dt> <dt><a name="21.2" href="21.2.html"> 21.2 The Complete I/O Model</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="21.2.1" href="21.2.1.html"> 21.2.1 A Small Performance Trick</a></dt> <dt><a name="21.2.2" href="21.2.2.html"> 21.2.2 Binary Files</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="21.3" href="21.3.html"> 21.3 Other Operations on Files</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="22" href="22.html">22 The Operating System Library</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="22.1" href="22.1.html"> 22.1 Date and Time</a></dt> <dt><a name="22.2" href="22.2.html"> 22.2 Other System Calls</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="23" href="23.html">23 The Debug Library</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="23.1" href="23.1.html"> 23.1 Introspective Facilities</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="23.1.1" href="23.1.1.html"> 23.1.1 Accessing Local Variables</a></dt> <dt><a name="23.1.2" href="23.1.2.html"> 23.1.2 Accessing Upvalues</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="23.2" href="23.2.html"> 23.2 Hooks</a></dt> <dt><a name="23.3" href="23.3.html"> 23.3 Profiles</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt>&nbsp;</dt><dt>&nbsp;</dt><dt><a name="P4" href="24.html"><b>Part IV. The C API</b></a></dt><dt>&nbsp;</dt> <dt><a name="24" href="24.html">24 An Overview of the C API</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="24.1" href="24.1.html"> 24.1 A First Example</a></dt> <dt><a name="24.2" href="24.2.html"> 24.2 The Stack</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="24.2.1" href="24.2.1.html"> 24.2.1 Pushing Elements</a></dt> <dt><a name="24.2.2" href="24.2.2.html"> 24.2.2 Querying Elements</a></dt> <dt><a name="24.2.3" href="24.2.3.html"> 24.2.3 Other Stack Operations</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="24.3" href="24.3.html"> 24.3 Error Handling with the C API</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="24.3.1" href="24.3.1.html"> 24.3.1 Error Handling in Application Code</a></dt> <dt><a name="24.3.2" href="24.3.2.html"> 24.3.2 Error Handling in Library Code</a></dt> </dl></dd> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="25" href="25.html">25 Extending your Application</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="25.1" href="25.1.html"> 25.1 Table Manipulation</a></dt> <dt><a name="25.2" href="25.2.html"> 25.2 Calling Lua Functions</a></dt> <dt><a name="25.3" href="25.3.html"> 25.3 A Generic Call Function</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="26" href="26.html">26 Calling C from Lua</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="26.1" href="26.1.html"> 26.1 C Functions</a></dt> <dt><a name="26.2" href="26.2.html"> 26.2 C Libraries</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="27" href="27.html">27 Techniques for Writing C Functions</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="27.1" href="27.1.html"> 27.1 Array Manipulation</a></dt> <dt><a name="27.2" href="27.2.html"> 27.2 String Manipulation</a></dt> <dt><a name="27.3" href="27.3.html"> 27.3 Storing State in C Functions</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="27.3.1" href="27.3.1.html"> 27.3.1 The Registry</a></dt> <dt><a name="27.3.2" href="27.3.2.html"> 27.3.2 References</a></dt> <dt><a name="27.3.3" href="27.3.3.html"> 27.3.3 Upvalues</a></dt> </dl></dd> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="28" href="28.html">28 User-Defined Types in C</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="28.1" href="28.1.html"> 28.1 Userdata</a></dt> <dt><a name="28.2" href="28.2.html"> 28.2 Metatables</a></dt> <dt><a name="28.3" href="28.3.html"> 28.3 Object-Oriented Access</a></dt> <dt><a name="28.4" href="28.4.html"> 28.4 Array Access</a></dt> <dt><a name="28.5" href="28.5.html"> 28.5 Light Userdata</a></dt> </dl></dd> <dt><a name="29" href="29.html">29 Managing Resources</a></dt> <dd><dl> <dt><a name="29.1" href="29.1.html"> 29.1 A Directory Iterator</a></dt> <dt><a name="29.2" href="29.2.html"> 29.2 An XML Parser</a></dt> </dl> </dl> <P>
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