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Changes in 2.610 from 2.609
Due to changes in the storage of the LastModified date that didn't get propagated to recent.pm, recent lists displayed every matching item as having been modified "right now." That's fixed, plus the list is now sorted in chronological order, most recently modified first. (That's an advantage of storing LastModified dates as easily-comparable seconds-since-the-epoch.)
Fixed a bug in Item::updateAllChildren that caused siblings of modified items to get rewritten, and hence have their modified dates updated as well. (The corrected code rewrites the *cached html*, not the item file.)
Added sanity check in submitGroup.pm. Mark Nagel pointed out that it's really easy to add an empty member to a group, which then lets every user belong to that group. That's a result of the as-yet-undocumented [drat!] feature that lets you specify a domain name suffix as a group member, letting any users whose email addresses are in that domain belong to that group.
Andreas Koenig suggested putting a bogus VERSION line in install.pm to prevent a weird interaction among CPAN.pm, MakeMaker, and FAQ::OMatic.
A new administrator configuration flag turns on the display of last modified dates all the time, even in the cached HTML files. Suggested by Michael Parker, parkerATaustxDOTtandemDOTcom.
A new administrator configuration flag causes references to the CGI from the cache to always be relative to the root of the server. This was requested by Mark D. Nagel nagelATintelenetDOTnet. At his site, ssh-forwarding prevents absolute URLs from working.

For most sites, I recommend leaving this option off. When the references are absolute URLs (including hostname), the cache and bags directories from a faqomatic can be lifted out verbatim and burnt onto a CD or otherwise distributed. Such a CD will be self-contained for reading, and any attempt to use a feature that requires the CGI will still get directed to your original FAQ-O-Matic site.

Links of the form news:... are now recognized. Thanks to njl25@cam.ac.uk for pointing out this omission.
When you [Show This Entire Category], the resulting page can stand alone. That is, any links from that page to items that also appear on the same page will be internal URLs, of the form "#file_2".

Watch out for a bug in Navigator (observed in 4.08): if you follow such an internal link, then reload (the url with the # in it), Netscape will incorrectly interpret internal links on the newly-loaded page, even though the page source is the same.

As suggested by dschulte@facstaff.wisc.edu, search results no longer find items that are currently in the trash.
As suggested by pauljohnATukansDOTedu, the [New Answer] and [New Category] links now read like [New Answer in "Category Title..."], to help clarify what they do.
A check in dispatch.pm prevents a new version of the FAQ-O-Matic from running against your old data until you (the admin) run the installer and make any needed configuration changes. This keeps new features from going nutso when they encounter missing configuration information in old FAQs.
The installer is fairly smart about upgrading.

If you're coming from versions 2.604-2.609, not much persistent state has changed, but the installer checklist still walks you through the drill.

If you're coming from a version 2.603 or older, the installer includes a module that copies your items from your old item directory (which was probably in meta/item/, possibly invisible to the web server) into fom-serve/, to conform to the new directory hierarchy.

The installation/upgrade process in 2.610 was fairly carefully tested in three configurations: upgrading a 2.603 FAQ, upgrading a 2.609 FAQ, and installing a new 2.610 FAQ.

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