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Changes in 2.611 from 2.610
Fixed a minor bug wherein the [Remove this part] link did nothing when it was referring to an empty directory part. ([Convert to Answer] still worked, however; it just required an extra step.)
John Nolan <JNolan@n2k.com> offered a fix to make bag uploads work right; that's now included.
The "Can't parse my own URL" errors were located in a previous version: they come from either https installations, or users of broken browsers (KDE Konquerer 1.0 was the culprit I observed). Now that the bugs have been isolated, the 'abort' error message that mailed $adminEmail has been downgraded to an 'error' that simply alerts the user.
Made a falsely-checked box on the install page unchecked again.
Added support for mirroring a FAQ-O-Matic at another site.
Slow maintenance tasks, such as rebuilding the cache and mirroring from a server, now fork(), and send the browser a page which will refresh periodically, showing the log of the fork()ed worker process. This way you can tell that something is happening. These tasks can take 10 minutes or more on a big FAQ, and some browsers will give up on the page load. Worse still, some servers will kill the CGI process when the browser disconnects, aborting the task midway. Returning a page to the browser immediately avoids these problems.
Inserted some chmod() calls after writing items, bags, and cache files, to help ensure that they stay readable. If CGI has a strict umask, then item and other files could previously end up unreadable, foiling potential mirror sites.
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