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Changes in 2.616 from 2.615
After making the previous version pass taint and use strict tests, I carefully tested almost every function of the FAQ -- except, as Edward Almasy (almasyATadacgeoDOTcom) pointed out, the installation of a new FAQ. (blush.) Many bugs have been fixed in the installer so that a fresh installation actually works now.
Reworked the editing commands and display to be a little more intuitive. Part of that included adding icons to the editing commands, but Jim Adler (jimaATsrDOThpDOTcom) convinced me that the icons were in fact overkill. If you want to try them, turn on configuration parameter $showEditIcons.
Bernhard Scholz (boernyATxeniaDOThshDOTstustaDOTmhnDOTde) pointed out that the define configuration parameters page didn't entify() its text field values, which caused them to get corrupted if they contained double quotes (").
$pageHeader was appearing twice at the top of cmd=faq pages loaded from the CGI; this has been fixed.
The FAQ-O-Matic used to generate a handful of errors on an initial install and mail them to the admin, which probably confused the admin. I've installed some checks to hide those meaningless "errors."
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