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Changes in 2.615 from 2.614
Automatic line wrap in the part input textarea field is back, but now it's SOFT instead of HARD. (Previously, hard wrapping caused long URLs to break and become useless.) SOFT line wrapping is convenient when editing natural text. Monospace text is still edited with wrapping off, but of course the wrap state of the textarea field doesn't change dynamically when the user alters the "Format text as" radio button.
The "replace text with uploaded file" feature is now implemented as separate pages. There are currently no links for replacing text, only links for uploading new parts from a file. If you use the file upload feature, let me know if you would also like a link for uploading replacement text.
The [Amend This Answer] link had a feature to reduce the likelihood of a consistency error due to a slow mirror passing an absolute part number to a source FAQ. This was incorrectly handled in editPart.pm, and caused an error containing the string '9999afterLast'. Fixed.
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