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Changes in 2.619 from 2.618
A new configuration parameter turns on rewriting of mailto: addresses to reduce spam harvesting.

'off' leaves address intact, and is the default. 'cheesy' rewrites my address as 'jonhATcsDOTdartmouthDOTedu.' 'hide' rewrites my address as 'address-supressed.'

Addresses can still appear. For example, when attempting to perform an action that requires moderator authentication, the moderator is listed. Extracting the item files via HTTP (as a mirror site would do) will still acquire the email addresses of all contributors. Certain error messages still include the administrator's email address. But this technique should still foil most HTML address harvesters.

All mailto:s are rewritten, even those intentionally placed into answers.

[Amend This Answer] became [Append to This Answer], which has a more precise meaning.
At the request of antidisestablishmentarianists John Goerzen and Bernhard Sholz, there is now a $compactEditCmds configuration parameter that draws the edit commands vertically between parts, using less space on the page.
Stephen Smoogen (smoogeATredhatDOTcom) found a -w bug that broke mirroring at his site; it's now fixed.
Fixed another bug (this one in Auth.pm) that caused spurious emissions of Perl warnings.
mirrorServer command could output config lines with empty assignments (when new config options become available but aren't in the server's config file). This has been fixed both on the server and on the client side (in case you want to mirror a site with the bug).
[Append to This Answer]
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