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Changes in 2.620 from 2.619
John Goerzen pointed out a bug in Auth.pm that kept system-wide permissions (those set for file=1) from actually applying; the system was always using the built-in defaults.
The code that generates HTML tables has been factored into itemRender() routines in the Appearance module. Now compact edits are a separate render routine, as is "simple" HTML (table-less, designed to look okay in lynx). The goal is to implement text output using another render routine.
Compact vs. normal editing command layout is now a per-user option, set on the [Appearance] page, rather than an administrator-controlled option.
The search and recent pages now use Appearance::itemRender(), which is consistent with the rest of the code.
There is now a slightly more systematic mechanism for identifying default URL-embedded parameters. This will eventually allow sites to have different appearance defaults while still allowing visitors to modify the appearance of the pages they see.
Jason Sheu (jasonATqedincDOTcom) figured out that CGI-2.49 had a habit of dropping one of the input tags if the form specified ENCTYPE=multipart/form-data, which I was doing automatically in all POSTed forms. ENCTYPE is now used only for the two pages that need it (upload text, upload bag), to reduce the appearance of this problem until the CGI.pm bug is sorted out. He mentions that the problem occurs with Unix Netscape 4.5; I haven't been able to reproduce it with either Unix Netscape 3.x or 4.08.
At Mark D. Nagel's (nagelATintelenetDOTnet) suggestion, $cookieLife is now an admin-configurable option. He writes: "We use FOM for documentation of local procedures and stuff, and there is less danger of someone malicious grabbing a cookie."
Mike (mikeATweb-downunderDOTcom) called my attention to a bug wherein some mailto: links appear as http: references (due to my omitting the mailto: protocol prefix). This apparently crept in with the addition of $antiSpam mode.
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