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If you have a thoughtful suggestion, place it here.

The purpose of this section is to find out what features FAQ-O-Matic administrators would like to see. That doesn't mean Jon will implement any given feature; like most freeware authors, my hobby time for this project is very limited. You are welcome to implement any feature you like, however, and I will do my best to roll your patches into my distribution.

(Category) XML Support
(Answer) Compact Edit Commands are vague
(Answer) A context-sensitive help system
(Category) A web interface for recovering old text
(Answer) Admin control to hide certain data
(Answer) 1. Instead of color coding, I want
(Category) Port to MacPerl and to Windows
(Answer) How about a collapsable sitemap?
(Answer) A voting system to highlight the most useful answers
(Answer) A cache-busting feature for advertising
(Answer) Regression tests
(Answer) I'd like to see the Header/Footer functions
(Answer) Make faqomatic impenetrable to webcrawlers.
(Answer) Web gateway to faqomatic-users list archives
(Answer) Tool to help when cross-referencing answers
(Category) Authentication
(Category) Permissions
(Category) Appearance
(Category) Search
(Category) Maintenance
(Answer) PNG images instead of GIF images ?
(Answer) Upload a new answer
(Answer) Automatic answer sorting
(Answer) Cut off HTML/TITLE/BODY tags from HTML files
(Answer) User defined language setting
(Answer) Keywords
(Answer) Cross References
(Answer) more specific 'access logging system is not working' error message
(Answer) number of answers contained in category behind category name
(Answer) Patch to make 2.709 HTML-4-clean
(Answer) Have HTTP references launch a new window
(Answer) HTML Links on invalid HTML code
(Answer) Only use absolute URL when a base URL is specified
(Answer) Create glossary for cross-references
(Answer) Subscribe to a page or tree
(Category) Bugs
(Answer) Spellchecker
(Answer) Show flat list of all answers and categories sorted by...
(Answer) Searches, charset, and Words.pm
(Answer) Private version of CGI.pm
(Answer) More problems with charset - utf-8
(Answer) problem with cron job
(Answer) Suggestion for Jon
(Answer) Feature to copy tree structure
(Answer) Copy of Appearance
(Answer) Attachements and Extensions
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