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Other FAQ Maintenance Systems
Naturally, I think FAQ-O-Matic solves all the world's problems. But maybe it's not right for you. Here are some alternatives...
FAQ Manager, by Stas Bekman: http://stason.org/works/old/faq_manager.zip
The FAQ Maintenance Aids page, by David Alex Lamb: http://www.qucis.queensu.ca/FAQs/FAQaid/
The Question and Answer Markup Language, for FAQs:
Steven D. Whitehead published a paper on the Auto-FAQ:
I don't know if the Auto-FAQ is publicly available.
http://sourceforge.net/projects/i-docs/ - currently not maintained...
The Expect FAQ is regularly recreated by a Tcl script which produces either text or HTML depending on how it is called.
Jyve, a 'Turbine' based dynamic FAQ system - "Java servlet based clone of FOM":
For 'Zope Server' (e.g. Python instead of Perl) - http://www.zope.org/
Software Product: The KnowledgeKit Product
The KnowledgeKit provides a mechanism for the automatic creation and maintenance of Knowledge Bases as well as FAQs.
It provides a standard view that integrates with the overall site Zope.

FAQ-U is an open source, free and flexible system for maintaining a FAQ. 
FAQ-U lets you make your FAQ dynamic in nature, makes it easier to maintain,
makes it searchable and basically far more presentable than the traditional
hand edited format. FAQ-U still however gives you the capability to create
a "plain text" version as well for posting to USENET and sending via email.
The Call Center, Bug Tracking and Project Management Tools for Linux
page not only lists the FAQ-O-Matic, but also other, more general, 
more integrated tools aimed at help-desk type functions.
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