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Composing text with Untranslated HTML
Untranslated HTML parts let you directly enter html commands, like this font command. FAQ-O-Matic cross-reference links (like this one: (Xref) Composing text with Untranslated HTML) continue to work, but other links are untouched, since you can represent them in HTML.
I recommend that administrators disallow untranslated HTML. In my experience with FAQs, untranslated HTML usually gives rise to an inconsistently formatted FAQ. An error in one user's input can make the entire FAQ hard to view (when displayed with "show this entire category"). Links entered in HTML typically don't show the URL in the printable portion, so printed copies of the FAQ are much less useful. And HTML looks ugly when the FAQ is displayed as text. So even if you are allowed to select untranslated HTML, I heartily recommend against it. Use it only for very special cases.
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