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Changes in 2.3b2 from 2.3b1
Contributor's passwords are stored in meta/idfile using the one-way crypt() function, so that they're not in plaintext. However, we still discourage users from using passwords in use elsewhere, since passwords still travel in plaintext inside URLs and POST requests, and since a faqomatic admin can always tweak the perl scripts to read users' passwords. (If your site has a secure local authentication mechanism, such as Kerberos, I recommend writing your own FaqLocalAuth.pm module.)

This version doesn't include convertIdfile.pl, which converts your meta/idfile to have encrypted passwords, so you can upgrade without making users reset their passwords. Grab 2.3b3 or newer to get that.

When editing parts with faqomatic :xx links (links to other items inside the same faqomatic), Faqomatic now inserts the name of the destination item, like this:
faqomatic [Writing to the POSIX Standard]:50

The contents of the brackets [] are totally ignored on input; only the item filename after the colon is significant. This change was made to make it a little easier to reorganize the directory parts of categories, which used to be difficult with only the filenames to look at in the editor.

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