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Changes in 2.400 from 2.3b10
2.400 is a major reorganization of the same basic code from the 2.3 series.

- The most important change is that the install process (should be) vastly easier. Almost all of the code installs in a system directory (if possible) using the standard Perl Makefile.PL mechanism. A three-line stub installs as a CGI, and if you don't have a really weird configuration, it is generated automatically.

- Since there's only one stub to install, it is now easy to install on systems that require CGIs to have a certain extension (such as .cgi).

- Once the modules are installed, installation is entirely web-driven, so scripts always run as the same user, and there is no trouble with file permissions. Once the minimum configuration is established, the installer is made 'secure' so that the admin must provide a password to access it.

- You may need to manually remove the crontab entry created by an older installer.

- The installer lets you dynamically select the color scheme of your FAQ.

- You can now search on any prefix of words that appear in the database. A search on 'break' used to hit 'break' and 'breaking'; now 'mak' hits 'make' and 'making' as well.

- mail addresses can contain +'s now.

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