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Changes in 2.402 from 2.401
- corrected URL linking back to the Faq-O-Matic Faq-O-Matic that had met up with a rogue search and replace operator.
- added a mechanism for defining groups of people or domains for use in defining item permissions.
- added commands to duplicate text parts and entire items. (Categories become answers, since we can't have two directory parts that share children.)
- better handling for a case when your authentication is good enough to let you see the item options, but not enough to see the moderator options, yet you have your showModOptions flag on.
- corrected another search/replace bug that broke editing of parts with internal (faqomatic :) links in them. Not sure how that one got by me.
- install now deals with the situation in which you move the CGI stub or the meta directory much more sensibly.
- the dispatch module can now display errors (instead of the dreaded Infernal Server Error) in an ugly way even if Faqomatic's pretty gripe() routine is broken.
- install creates a trash (category) for new installations. (oops)
- maintenance script provides a link back to the install page. (whoopee)
- the recently changed files display now includes item modification dates, and turns on the showLastModified flag so that those dates appear when viewing the individual items, as well. (Hal Wine, this one's for you.)
- corrected a really rare bug that only happens when you take longer than 5 minutes to enter a text part, and your cookie expires during those five minutes, and you happen to be inserting a part before any other part in the answer, and your social security number is a prime number. It happened while I was entering this very change log.
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