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Appearance Controls
Categories have a [Show This Entire Category] link at the bottom that displays not only the current category, but all of its descendants. At the top of a big Faq-O-Matic, this can produce an enormous HTML file!
The [Appearance] page lets you set a series of options:

The "expert editing commands" let you edit a FAQ in fancier ways than just adding new answers or appending to existing ones.

"Show name of moderator" tells you who has control over a category of the FAQ. If you are not permitted to directly change that part of the FAQ, the moderator is the person you should talk to.

"Show last modified date" tells you when an answer was last updated.

"Show attributions" tells you who contributed to an answer.

"Simple HTML" reduces the output to very simple text formatting, suitable for even very old browsers.

The "commands for generating text output" adds new commands to the command bar at the bottom of the page. These commands reformat the display at simple text, suitable for sending by e-mail or posting to newsgroups.

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