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Drilling down: If you are looking at a category, it has a special part (usually highlighted in a different color) with a list of the answers or subcategories it contains. Those links will take you to the appropriate subcategory.

Going back up: At the top of every page is the title of the answer or category; just before that is the list of the categories that contain this item. Each name is a link, and will take you immediately to the named parent category.

Going in order: At the bottom of each answer are links to the next and previous answers in the same parent category.

Jumping around: Some answers contain cross-references to items elsewhere in the category structure; these are indicated with a blue shortcut arrow, like this: (Xref) Faq-O-Matic Faq-O-Matic.

Getting out: Some answers contain links to elsewhere on the web; these look just like regular links, like this: http://www.dartmouth.edu/.

This part is a directory part.
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