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Changes in 2.612 from 2.611
FAQs that weren't mirrors got this message in their maintenance task log:
 *** Task mirrorClient failed
    Error: This FAQ-O-Matic version 2.611 only understands
    mirrorServer data version 1.0; received...
Oops. That has been corrected in 2.612.
John Nolan <JNolan@n2k.com> caught a syntax error in submitBag.pm.
The default user ID for RCS was $< (real UID); that has been corrected to $> (effective UID).
Calls to system() have been replaced with calls to exec(), which seem to work better on systems where the web user has a shell of /bin/false.
When calling exec(), FAQ-O-Matic now sets its real user and group IDs to its effective ones. This helps RCS work correctly on systems where RCS or the FAQ-O-Matic is running set-uid.
Jim Adler suggested a fix that makes HP-UX's RCS happier.
Jim Adler suggested some improvements in the visual layout of pages. Parts should have some whitespace between them now when viewed with Internet Explorer. The HTML uses far fewer <table>s. There is more space around text in colored boxes, so it doesn't look so crowded. 'Subcategories' and 'Answers in this category' are separated by some whitespace now.
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