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Changes in 2.613 from 2.612
When you upgrade versions and run the 'rebuild cache' item, a new feature 'displaySlow' lets you watch the output of the possibly very slow process of rebuilding the cache. Unfortunately, the code that tries to prevent using the FAQ during a code upgrade (when the code version doesn't match the local data and configuration information) also prevented you from seeing the 'displaySlow' page. That has been fixed in 2.613. (It is a relatively harmless bug in 2.612; the effect is that you can't see the output of the 'rebuild cache' operation.) Thanks to Boyd Lynn Gerber (gerberbATzenezDOTcom) for reporting this bug.
The search and recent pages no longer generate broken HTML.
FAQ-O-Matics that were installed setuid or setgid ran with Perl's -T taint checking on, a condition which I haven't been testing. Taint checking is a really good idea anyway, as is -w warning. New installations will have -wT turned on by default; all scripts now use 'use strict' as well.

Two bugs related to taint checking have been fixed: search databases will now get correctly installed, and old files will now get correctly trimmed (removed) by the maintenance script. Several bugs discovered with 'use strict' have been fixed.

All of the modules at least compile with 'use strict' and -wT now, but some warnings may still be lurking in untested code paths. Please let me know if you discover any.

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