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Changes in 2.614 from 2.613
Installer no longer adds quotes to configuration parameters that used to be recommended choices and are no longer (such as $RCSuser = getpwuid($<)). Bernhard Scholz (boernyATxeniaDOThshDOTstustaDOTmhnDOTde) endured 300 "FAQ-O-Matic problem mails," which prompted me to diagnose the problem. :v)
Tweaked the wording on the changePass page. It now explains why we ask for submitter's email addresses, so they're a little less likely to be concerned about spam.
Fixed a bug that caused mirrors to not send out their mirrorable config info. (The bug was due to my zealous conversion to 'use strict'.)
Fixed a bug that gave a "crontab -l failed: 1,0,Illegal seek,crontab: can't open your crontab file" message when it should have simply gone on to create the crontab file.
Provided new [Amend This Answer] and [Add a New Answer in ...] buttons that give most contributors everything they need to see. This lets us hide the rest of the editing commands in an "expert" mode available only via the Appearance menu. My experience is that the huge number of options that appear with [Show Edit Commands] totally overwhelms most users, so that they can't figure out how to do a basic operation.

This is now the default behavior. The old behavior can be restored by setting both $showEditOnFaq and $hideEasyEdits to 'true' on the Define Configuration Parameters page.

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