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Categories and Answers
The Faq-O-Matic is composed of categories and answers. A category within another category is sometimes referred to as a "subcategory," although there is nothing special about it. A category is used to organize answers. A category has a special part (usually of a different color) called its "directory part." The directory part contains links to answers and subcategories contained in the given category.
An answer page typically offers one answer to one question, where the question is expressed in the answer's title.

The body of each category or answer is composed of "parts." For example, this answer is titled "(Xref) Categories and Answers ", and it has two parts. This paragraph is in the second part. Parts are blobs of text (typically one or two paragraphs) that can be individually reordered or deleted. Each part contains a list of attributions, the names of people who authored it. So if each contributor to an answer submits a separate part, the attributions help readers tell who wrote what.
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